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Twin Skin Timber Log Cabins

Twin Skin Timber Log Cabins

Twin Skin Timber Log Cabins

Twin Skin timber log cabins off a great way of creating a warm cabin for all year round use. The two layers of interlocking log cabin timbers allows for insulation to be sandwiched between the two skins of cabin wall.
The roof boards are constructed using a double layer one of 19mm T+G pine boards and then a 50mm gap with 25mm T+G pine boards on top, again allowing the twin Skin cabin to be insulated in the roof as well.

If you intend on using your cabin through the winter season or want extra space for when geusts want to stay over then a Twin Skin cabin is the one to go for. Most of our cabin models, including the Euro range of cabin, the TF range of cabin and the DF range of cabins are available with a twin skin interlocking log cabin system.

The Twin Skin timber log cabin system can also be upgraded further to have the internal walls as twin skin log if required, this works as a great sound inlsulator alowing people to enjoy multi room timber log cabins without being disturbed by the children playing ther music loudley in one room of the multi room timber log cabin whilst you can relax with a glass of wine in the hot tub or sauna in the other room of your cabin.
The sound insulation factor is also good if you intend on fitting a toilet into the cabin.

If you want to use your Twin Skin log cabin as an enclosure for your heated swimming pool it offers a great way of keeping your swimming pool heating cost down as the ambiant temperature will stay higher for longer in an insulated twin skin timber cabin.

All of our twin skin timber cabins also include CE rated argon filled double glazing in the windows and doors.