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The Dublin Double Garage Log Cabin

Dublin Garage Log Cabins

A double garage made from interlocking log timbers

The Dublin Double Garage Log Cabin

The Dublin Double Garage Log Cabin

Interlocking Log Cabin Garage Dublin 6m x 5m

Log Cabins Garage 19.69 ft x 16.4 ft
Log Cabin size 6m x 5m
Single garage size 3m x 5m

Window Size - 4x 1120mm x 560mm

Door Size - 2x 2500mm x 1930mm
Door Size - 1x 1930mm x 830mm

Eaves height - 2.2m
Ridge height - 3.4m

Up and Over Garage doors are for illustration purposes only.

Price: 7,899.00 (Including VAT at 20%)

Log Thickness

Roof Covering

2x Roller Garage Doors with remote