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TF Range Log Cabins

The TF Range of Timber Log Cabins

Welcome to the TF Range of Siberian Pine Timber Log Cabins

The TF range has been so called because it is "Truly Fabulous".
The TF "Truly Fabulous" Siberian Pine Timber Log Cabins are made from a very special tree.
that grows naturally in the Urals, Siberia, representing the glory and pride of their forests.

There are over a dozen Siberian Pine Cabins to choose from.
From the 2.35m x2.95m "Olympic" to a grand 5m x 4m "Siberia" you will find it easy to find the right Siberian Pine Timber Log Cabin to suit your Home & Garden design.

If you look at the individual specification of each cabin you will find that where you have a cabin with a wall thickness of 34mm we put in high quality argon filled double glazed
windows as standard.
As the cabin size grows, so we increase the log thickness to ensure strength and stability.
At that stage you will be enjoying 44mm thick walls with double glazing as standard plus Tilt 'n' Turn style windows to enhance the overall appearance even further and to maximise natural light. What else would you expect from a "Truly Fabulous" range of
Siberian Pin Timber Log Cabins.

Floors and Roofs on TF Cabins

The TF range of Siberian Pine Timber Log Cabins have very heavy duty flooring. Please feel free to compare the specifications of all of our log cabin ranges to other timber cabin manufacturers.

The TF range of Siberian Pine Timber Log Cabins benifits from:

28mm thick T+G Siberian Pine floor boards, most companies supply 19mm max floor boards with there cabins.

19mm thick T+G Siberian Pine roof boards as standard, on the Twinskin timber cabins this is 19mm + 25mm

Pressure treated floor joists are standard on all models to ensure long life and protection against wood rot. Minimum size floor joists on the TF range of Siberian Pine Timber Log Cabins is ex 50mm x 50mm

The TF range of cabins is built to last like all of our cabin ranges. We make them strong and we make them to last.