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Sikkens HLS Plus Cetol Preservative

Sikkens HLS Plus Cetol 5L

Sikkens HLS Plus Cetol 5L

A low build, solvent-borne translucent to low satin woodstain that can be used both as a base stain and as a finishing coat.

It can be used as a finishing coat on exterior softwood and hardwood substrates such as cladding, fascias, soffits, rough sawn timber and fencing.

As a base stain, Cetol HLS plus is readily absorbed into timber to provide a sound base for finishing coats. It can be used alone as a system on cladding, decking and garden furniture or as a base stain before the application of Cetol Filter 7 plus or Cetol THB plus on windows and doors.

However it should not be used alone as a finish for hardwood timbers.

Price: 114.00 (Including VAT at 20%)

Key Benifits

Key Benifits

Highly translucent to bring out the beauty of woodgrain
Protects against mould and algae
Resistance to UV radiation, peeling and cracking
Microporous and water-repellent

7 - 14 m²/litre