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SX70 Preservative

SX70 Timber Preservative 5L

SX70 Timber Preservative 5L

A decorative and protective exterior wood treatment that looks good and protects the wood, year after year. SX70 contains 2 powerful fungicides to stop rot and staining, special compounds that fight off water and the effects of U.V. light and it is formulated to allow the wood to breathe, reducing cracking, peeling and blistering.
SX70 is easy and economical to apply and can be used to care for and beautify new woodwork or give old timber a new lease of life whether for doors, window frames, cladding, facias or garden furnitiure.
In addition, SX70 is guaranteed for 3 years, giving a perfect finish, coloured to bring out the natural beauty of the wood, and shielding it against attack from every quarter.
5 litre Tin
(1 litre covers approx 8-10 m2)

Price: 115.00 (Including VAT at 20%)

Application of SX70 & AQ70

SX70 and AQ70 have been specially developed for application onto
bare timber or existing woodstains. A minimum of two coats should
be applied using a high quality woodstain brush, working in the
direction of the grain using the minimum number of brush strokes.
Timber to be treated should be clean and dry. Any pre-existing paint
or varnish must be fully removed back to clean, bare timber. Previously
stained timber should have any loose, flaky material removed before
the surfaces are lightly sanded in the direction of the grain.
Knotting solutions should not be used, any resinous deposits should
be scraped off and cleaned with methylated spirits. Holes and nails
should be filled using Sovereign Stainable Wood Filler. SX70
Basecoat is a workshop primer that provides temporary protection
for timber until finished on site. SX70 Topcoat is a clear product for
use over SX70 wood colours to provide extra protection.

About SX70 & AQ70

SX70 and AQ70 offer a complete decorative protection system
for wood in a range of popular colours. Both products are easily
applied directly to bare wood without need for primer or
undercoat. Application of just two coats delivers a superb finish
that allows the beauty of the natural grain to shine through.
SX70 is a high quality solvent-based microporous woodstain
which provides around four years’ water-resistant protection.
AQ70 is an advanced acrylic/polyurethane treatment which
offers comparable performance to the SX70 range in a waterbased